The Street Connectors

"Creativity is just connecting things" (Steve Jobs). This is our story of a journey to build community in Firs & Bromford by connecting people, places, ideas, talents, skills, hopes and dreams

Street Connectors - Firs & Bromford

Our Journey

Welcome to our ‘Street Connecting’ story

Welcome!  This blog has been created to tell our story.  The story of our journey to connect things together in our neighbourhood. Our neighbourhood is Firs & Bromford, an outer estate in Hodge Hill in the East of Birmingham.

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We are a group of people with a passion to nurture community by getting onto our streets, and actively finding creative ways to connect together people, places, groups, ideas, energy, hopes and dreams. It’s that simple!

For us Street Connecting is…

  1. Gathering an ever increasing group of natural connectors, and working as a team to pay attention to our neighbourhood and find creative ways to connect with our neighbours. This is what we call ‘hunting the edges’.
  2. Developing ways to bring people together at micro street level focusing on patches of 100-200 households. These take the form of street parties led by local hosts.
  3. Having Good Life Conversations with our neighbours to unearth their gifts, talents and skills, and identifying ways these could be offered and shared with others.
  4. In particular asking the question ‘If we could find 1 or 2 other people in your neighbourhood to help what would you love to make happen?’
  5. Listening to concerns and fears but following that up with ‘what do you think we could do together about it?’
  6. Giving time to support people who want to share their gift or skills, and help nurture an ecology of welcoming people, groups and spaces in our community

So this is our collection of stories, reflections, laments, and snapshots of our journey.  We hope you enjoy and share.

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Street Connecting in Firs & Bromford is delivered by Open Door Community Foundation Visit ODCF Website and is part of the ‘Together We Can!’ Project working in partnership with Worth Unlimited Visit Worth Unlimited Website and Firs & Bromford Neighbours Together Visit FBNT on Facebook.

Street Connecting is co-funded by Big Lottery Reaching Community and Big Local.