Touchstone Five: Building Connections and Social Interactions


We are privileged to tell our story as part of Cormac Russell’s reflections on 8 touchstones of Community Building. Cormac introduces our story…..

The craft of community building is an intentional one, community animators and connectors are endlessly curious about how they can better create the conditions by which everyone’s gifts can be discovered and received. There are few places on the planet that do intentional inclusive community building better than the folks in Firs & Bromford. Here’s their story as told by Paul Wright…


Cormac has become a good friend to us and our community. He beautifully concludes the blog with …

I sometimes like to define community as the place I can safely stand, on the days when my feet are sore. Firs and Bromford has become such a place for me, the people there have become my friends and when I am with them, I too am home (away from home).

As I reflected over the weekend on what I have witnessed local residents co-produce in Firs & Bromford, I was moved to write the following poem, with which I would like to conclude this blog:

Here My Friend

(A short poem)

Community builders asks,

Neighbour can you describe the ‘good life’ you plan to find?

Friend can you describe the better world you plan to leave behind?

Co-Conspirator can I walk with you and share what I hope to make?

Fellow traveler what can we do together for community’s sake?

Citizen who else can we invite to join in?

Friends where shall we begin…

…that will enable us to create beautiful, useful and durable things?


Thank you Cormac and we hope for much more journeying together for many more years.

Nurture Development are journeying with us here in Firs & Bromford, and in particular Cormac is supporting us to reflect upon and evaluate our Together We Can! work.  Nurture Development seek to support communities to reduce institutionalisation and increase interdependency in community life. Here you will find current discussion on ABCDshared resources, and full details of our training and service offers.  Nurture Development produce our articles and resources to help discover the principles and practices of Asset-Based Community Development, also known as ABCD.

Without community, there can be no liberation”. Audre Lorde.

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