Neighbourhood Heroes in Hodge Hill

“When you start with what people can give, and we start with what people are passionate about, what their skills are, and what they wish to share with each other, actually you unlock a treasure trove of riches” Rev Dr Al Barrett

This is a short film produced by the Church of England in Birmingham. We believe it catches the essence of our community building here in Firs & Bromford, Hodge Hill. The film explores the relationship the Church has here in Hodge Hill and how faith can be a motivating factor behind nurturing community. It explores the importance of bumping places and creating spaces to build community (with the example of The Real Junk Food Kitchen Hodge Hill), and what happens when we work together to unearth the gifts, skills and passions of our neighbours. To find out more about street connecting and the community building we are doing in Firs & Bromford please take a browse of our Stories


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