The year ends with Christmas celebrations bringing together the growing connections in our community

2017 has been a fantastic year for street connecting.  The last set of Christmas celebrations in the neighbourhood brought together so many of those connections, which have grown deeper and wider over the past 12 months.  Below are a few pics from those celebrations.

The social action crew supporting the Christmas Event outside the Hub

The choir singing – one of the projects that has come from FAB kids.  Lot’s more planned for this group in 2018!

Gathering outside Ambridge House to welcome the Maggi.  Part of the wonderful Street Nativity.

We had Alpacas at the street nativity thanks to our wonderful friends at Newbiggin House in Winson Green.

The legend Phil Howkins at his best! This time he’s being a roman soldier in the street nativity.

A massive thank you to Sonny from Antlantis Fish Bar on Shawsdale Road who again played Herod in the street nativity.  Sonny is nothing like Herod! This year again he has been a generous, caring guy who looks out for his customers, many whom have become friends.

The final scene as Jesus is born. The stable is set up on The Hennalls outside Tom’s Lights. The perfect place to end a wonderful year!

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